Flexible Concepts takes great pride in the role we play in the transportation industry. We have been helping to keep wheels turning safely, through the production of a variety of quality parts for the transportation and towing industry, since 1995. Flexible Concepts has been a major supplier of bearing components for truck and off road vehicles since 1990. Production of a variety of other transportation component parts, beyond bearings, occurs here as well. Whether it is an automotive harmonic balancer, brake rotor or drum we have the expertise and experience to provide you with just the right part. Flexible Concepts can produce a variety of light and heavy duty trailer industry brake drums, as well as a variety of towing components to include hitch balls, kingpins, L bars and sway bars just to name a few.


Flexible Concepts Inc. has specialized in turned taper roller bearings, as well as many other similar component parts since 1990. We produce quality, high volume bearings in sizes ranging from 2 to 12 inches. Bearing cups and cones are turned from bearing grade forgings and steel tune cut and processed on site. Track link inserts, manufactured in 2 to 8 inch sizes are produced from forgings. These parts ultimately are being assembled into a variety of off road industrial vehicles and earth moving equipment now found in use all over the world.

Driven by our manufacturing process review here at Flexible Concepts, every element of our production process and parameters, are continually scrutinized for value added and cost reduction oppurtunities. Resulting cost savings and efficiencies, have allowed us to be a long term, top quality, cost competitive supplier in a world market.



Developed the processes required to hold tolerances during the operation & increase efficiency to meet forecast.

  • Quality procedures that has kept scrap to less than ½ %.
  • Set up dedicated Work Cells to meet production demands.
  • Educated our workforce in operational requirements.